Athletics and School Teams

At AvH, we promote physical health through regular physical education classes. Our exceptional athletic facilities include two gyms, a soccer field, a running track and an outdoor multi-purpose court. We currently have five sports teams that compete around the region. 

Futsal team Moustiques

Futsal team Benjamins

Futsal team Cadets

Badminton team

Volleyball team

~3 hours/week of sports classes per grade

Physical health programs at AvH:

Volleyball – The school’s volleyball team is comprised of students from Grade 9 to 12. With three practices a week, they have already taken part in many local tournaments, even winning the provincial championships in 2013, regional championships in 2016 and becoming the vice-regional champions in 2017. Coach: Scott Pemberton.

Soccer – The school’s soccer team is comprised of students from Grade 5 to 8 and is coached by former Montreal Impact player, Antonio Ribeiro. With two weekly practices and games throughout the region, they take part in tournaments organized by the RSEQ Lac-St-Louis.

Badminton – Extracurricular activity for students from Grades 3 to 6, school team for students from Grade 7 and up. Practicing once a week, the team participates in games and tournaments throughout the region. Coach: Nick Sinoyannis.

This is an annual event that takes place at all German schools around the world. Students participate in a series of track and field events: the sprint, the cross-country run, the shot put, the distance throw, the long jump and the high jump. Each student accrues points for their performance in each event, and prize certificates are awarded to close the day. Every student participates, including our preschoolers!

Each week, AvH alumni, parents and staff meet in the evening to play floor hockey (Tuesdays) and volleyball (Thursdays). The volleyball team even participates in yearly tournaments that take place between all North American German international schools. All are welcome to join!