Was heisst ALEX?

Earlier this year, the Friends of AvH 40 for 40 campaign raised over $40,000 for a technology and equipment upgrade at AvH. This included a brand-new Makerspace area – to be integrated into the curriculum and support our already strong STEM Education offering.
A Makerspace is a collaborative workspace with traditional and high tech tools to allow students to make, learn, explore and share their tech ideas. After a very close naming and logo competition issued to the community, we have christened our new Makerspace ‘ALEX’! – a tribute to our namesake Alexander von Humboldt and acronym for Advanced Learning EXperience. Thanks to everyone who took part.
This School year, the Makerspace team has been very busy preparing for ALEX’s arrival! – and although we are not quite ready to introduce ALEX to the community at large, we wanted to share a few highlights and special moments from our journey so far with you……….