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Parent Involvement

AvH volunteers play a major role in the operation of the school. Without this dedicated group of parents, the school would not be what it is today.

Volunteers enrich the school experience in a multitude of ways. They coach various sports teams, provide health information to the school community, organize school-wide charity campaigns, and much more. AvH parents find that our school community provides wonderful opportunities to expand their social network while at the same time supporting their children’s education.


Ways to get involved:

At the beginning of the school year, the parents of each class elect two representatives. Their role is to provide a link between the parents and the homeroom teacher and organize periodic parent evenings. The elected parent representatives form the Parent Council, which elects a president and a vice president. The Parent Council meets three times per school year to receive information from the principal about current school issues, and to discuss issues related to individual classes.

Our current council:

Parent Council President (2023/2024): Maryse Blouin

Parent Council Vice President (2023/2024): Sabrina Paap-Morissette

The library is run with the help of parent volunteers whose duties include interacting with the children, signing books in and out, placing them and generally maintaining the books as well as keeping the room in good order to facilitate its use.

Contact: Salma Fakhry at or call 514-457-2886 ext 232