German International Abitur (DIA)

The German International Abitur (or Deutsches Internationales Abitur, known as “DIA” for short) is the highest diploma awarded to secondary school students in Germany and at German schools abroad.

AvH is the only German school in Canada offering students the option of completing grade 12 and earning the German International Abitur which is a great alternative to the CEGEP/College system in Quebec. With a DIA in hand, students are eligible to apply for admission to all German universities and to universities around the world. DIA graduates are regarded as sophisticated, open-minded, independent thinkers. The DIA builds on the strengths of the traditional Abitur curriculum and adds a larger multilingual component.

Over the years, excellent results have been achieved and graduates have been accepted to some of the most competitive universities in Canada (such as McGill, Université de Montréal, Queens University), in Germany (Karlsruhe University, Heidelberg University, University of Erlangen Nürnberg), in England (London Business School), in Australia (University of Perth), and in Hungary (German University of Budapest) etc.

To learn more about the DIA’s advantages we encourage you to visit germanapproach.org.

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