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German Immersion Class

The new Immersion Program is specifically designed for motivated students entering Grades 1 and 2 who are proficient in either French or English and have a working knowledge of the second language. This program will be based on the similar learning principles of our existing immersion program for students in grades 3 to 5, while leveraging the earlier age of the child to allow for a faster, less demanding integration into the mainstream curriculum.  

The program started in the 2021/22 school year, and new students must pass all the necessary pre-assessment requirements.

Quick Facts:

The IC program is tailored to students in grades 3 to 5 with no previous knowledge of German but proficient in English and French.

The program is designed for academically strong students looking for an enriched learning environment.

After one year of IC students are ready to attend regular classes.

General Information

Right from the start, IC students attend regular classes with their classmates in subjects where fluency in the German language is not crucial (English, French, physical education, art and music).

For subjects where knowledge of German is of greater importance (e.g. German, math), the IC students are taught in a separate group. At the end of the IC year, when they pass the corresponding language exam, the students will be at the A2 level in the German language. They are now ready to attend regular classes in all subjects in the following year. The students will still receive additional support to ensure their progress.

German and Math classes

IC students learn German intensively in small groups for 13 periods per week. In order to cope with the workload, strong academic performance is imperative since they must absorb a lot of grammar and vocabulary quickly. IC students are regularly evaluated in vocabulary and grammar tests and short oral presentations. At the end of the IC year’s first term, students are assessed at the A1 language level, and at the end of the second term at the A2 level.

In math, IC students receive support either in a small group until they reach the class level, or directly within their regular class.

How do I know if the IC program is the right choice for my child?

IC students need to show above-average academic potential and achievements, especially on a linguistic level, since the learning speed is rather demanding. They must be highly motivated and eager to learn German as a foreign language.

Since learning German will occupy a large amount of their study time, an advanced level in both English and French is required.