Student Support

Student Support Team

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School Counselor


Kalie Rae
  1. Socio-emotional support to students
  2. One-on-one counseling
  3. Crisis intervention
  4. In-class support, as needed
  5. Workshops for students and staff related to student well-being
  6. Consulation with staff, administration, parents on student’s well-being
Student Learning SupportCagla Kazek
  1. Implementation of support plans and IEPs
  2. Liasion with MEES and QAIS on matters pertaining to inclusive education
  3. Consultation with parents, students, teachers on matters related to IEPs and inclusive education
  4. Workshops for students and staff on topics related to student’s well-being
Student AdvisorsDavid Smith
  1. Consult with students on any academic, personal or interpersonal problem
  2. Mediate student-staff & student-student conflicts
  3. Refer students to additional support personnel and services
  4. Oversee student council
Homeroom Teachers 
  1. Oversee students’ academic progress and attendance
  2. Arrange meetings with parents when concerns arise
  3. Initiate support measures for students
  4. Oversee class representatives
  5. Ensure classroom environment is tidy and welcoming
Student Body Representatives 
  1. Mediate student-student conflicts
  2. Approach the administration when an issue affecting the student body arises
  3. Consult with administration on issues affecting the student body
  4. Plan and implement events to improve student life
Class Representative 
  1. Mediate student-student conflicts
  2. Approach the teacher on behalf of the class or individal classmates when an academic or social issue arises
  3. Represent class in student council meetings
  4. Convey important information from the student council or the administration to the class